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Stainless steel
Chromium is the primary element of stainless steel The chromium helps to procrastinate nature's attempts to combine the pure iron with oxygen and water to form rust.

Titanium is a strong, corrosion-resistant, not easy to fade, anti-radiation metal, it also is a non-magnetic metal, to a large magnetic field will not be magnetized with human tissue and blood have a good compatibility, it will promote blood circulation, playing the role of health care.

Tungsten is very hard, brittle, gray to white metal which is extremely corrosion resistant. It has the highest melting point and tensile strength of any metal, and it also has the lowest vapor pressure point.

Germanium will accumulate within the body,fatigue resistance and promote metabolism.

Red far-infrared
The role of far-infrared to the skin, the majority of the energy absorbed by the skin, causing it will increased skin temperature, heat the skin to stimulate the receptor, through the hypothalamus reflection, so that relaxation of vascular smooth muscle, blood vessels expand, blood circulation to speed up and enhance metabolism

Negative ions
Negative ions can activated the human cells, purified the blood vessels, recovering fatigue; Enhanced resistance,increase the function of white blood cells engulf bacteria; Inhibition of tumor cell growth ;absorption and shielding electromagnetic radiation and improve the allergies.

Magnet can improves blood circulation,adjust blood pressure, and also has analgesic effects.

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